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Physician Office Practices

Online Medical Records:

You can access portions of your electronic medical record online with Mission Patient Connect. That includes things like your medical history, test results, and immunization records.

Patient Requests:

You can obtain a paper copy of your medical records from one of our physician practices by reaching out to the clinic directly.

In order to request your medical records, download and complete a medical records release form. Upon completion, please submit your request directly to the physician practice where the services occurred.

NOTE: Separate Medical Records Release Forms may be necessary if you are attempting to request records from multiple locations. Mission Health is not responsible for delays due to requests being sent to incorrect locations.

  • Print, complete and send the Medical Records Release Form above to the physician practice that you would like medical records from.
  • Please contact the physician practice directly with any release of information questions you may have, or for follow-up as needed.
  • You may also reference your personal patient portal for information.